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01 January 2030 @ 12:01 am

free-to-add journal! i'd love it if you could drop a comment and say hi if you're adding and tell me more about yourself.

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list of all one-shots below.
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stories are sorted by pairings and listed with most recent at the top. ratings/AU are also stated. please take NC-17/R ratings seriously unless you want to be caught off guard with random porn or when your bias dies.

Ratings are given as such:
G - for general viewing, het content
PG-13 - sexual references, coarse language, yaoi/het content, often angst-y
NC-17 - not work safe (NSFW), explicit sexual content, sometimes PWP (plot absent)
R - character death, graphic/gory details, dark themes

AU fics are anything outside the original band verse.

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01 January 2030 @ 12:00 am

series that have not been completed will be completed unless otherwise mentioned. please do not ask when or ask for updates. i only write when inspired to.

it's 10am, and by impulse, or under the influence of some deity that decrees 10am is the perfect time to make lists, here it is. yet another want-to-do list that i probably won't ever finish. again.

tl;dr? click on each individual cut :)

to watch (not necessarily in this order):

to play:

(now probably the part you guys are more interested in)
to write (again, not necessarily in this order):

okay, so that was a really messy list and i'm not even done D: those are the things i WANT to get done but real life beckons before that, so my last list is this.

must do (in no particular order but has to be done somehow):

well okay, you can more or less tell there's some order to that list, just that i can't be very bothered to list it correctly.

in other news, i have my LAST EXAM EVER later in the afternoon, which means i'm almost done FOREVER with school :D almost, because i still have one more presentation to go. i can't wait to be back :) in the meantime, how has everyone been? tell meeeeeeee! ♥
08 September 2012 @ 01:36 pm
so, it's been a few months since i last posted anything proper here (and by proper i mean a fanfic /sideeyes self). i've just recently moved out of my flat into another rental flat while my old one gets a makeover, and on top of that i'm already well into my third month of work (yay? considering i've never sustained a job for more than a month prior to this but i blame myself for being a kid at that point, hurhur) and i'm still busy as ever.

really, my apologies to all you loyal readers (if you're out there), still waiting for a story and an update but i really haven't had anything to write about until recently. i'm currently working on an idea, trying to make it as realistic and believeable as possible but there are times when the words don't always come out and i've been told a couple of times that my draft reads awkward, hahaha. i make no promises, but if i can get it out before the end of the year then that's a bonus, isn't it? :) i'll only say that it's a het fic, just to forewarn all those people who go ewwwwww het that this probably isn't your cup of tea.

but besides that, i really haven't done much else. my current room is the old master bedroom of the former owners (who happens to be a long distant relative of sorts), and everything is mostly still in boxes because i'll only be here two months tops. i can only hope it doesn't drag on longer because the bed is terribly hard (even though they say hard beds are good for the back) and it's been difficult to sleep. on top of that, i got sick on the second day of the move with fever and now i have a bad cough that wakes me up in the middle of the night in a fit. it also doesn't help that the air-conditioned environment i work in aggravates my cough, and oh, did i mention the haze? -_- really not my week.

on the bright side, my cough got better after i had a nice long sleep yesterday (and after gargling salt water) so hopefully i'll be all better before the weekend is up. oh how i miss my own comfy bed, and one of my newer peeves lately is warm light in a bedroom. i mean, i can barely see anything early in the morning?! putting on make up or pruning my eyebrows is such a pain these days but by the time the sun is up and my room is bright enough i'm already in my office anyway. pfft.

okay, i've gotten ranty. how has everyone been? i've been out of touch with fandom and plenty of things, update me please! :)
28 May 2012 @ 05:07 am
The Ice Cream Porno That Never Happened
Comedy, Romance
Jaejoong attempts to seduce Yunho with the help of some ice cream, but Yunho seems to have other ideas.
as the title suggests, this is a porno that NEVER HAPPENS. i wouldn't even say there's a plot in this but unfortunately there isn't any porn either. 997-wordball of fluff, i think. for krisooh because she's my favourite, and she needs some fluffy to her angsty ♥


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Comments? ♥
24 May 2012 @ 01:00 am
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13 May 2012 @ 11:20 pm

my response:


19 March 2012 @ 01:37 pm
okay as some of you know, i'm currently in my final semester of uni and i have one more exam to sit for as well as a thesis to write before i can graduate. you've also probably noticed that my last few updates are mostly random spazzing about junsu's blonde hair and kissing a man and etc etc etc (which, might i remind everyone, junsu is not my first bias! yunho is -_-) but other than that i haven't posted any fic at all. right now i have a whole lot of half-written fics that i haven't been able to work on but i hope to somehow finish some time BUT that time is just not now. i have exactly 35 days and counting down before my thesis submission deadline, and with only 700 words of an introduction, i should rightfully be panicking.

cue panicking here:

yes it's pretty wtf right now,

but i tend to work better under some sort of intense pressure, so hopefully i can still make it out of this alive. i'll be back soon enough, so in the meantime, smile :)

and i'll see you guys again soon ^^

p.s. the gifs are okay for right-click-saving, but totally not okay for watermarking and reuploading as your own. these are gifs i made so please don't steal them :)

p/s: i recommend that you open this on youtube itself and watch it in glorious 720p HD resolution :D

03 March 2012 @ 12:45 pm
first there was this,

and now this.

and as an added bonus, this. (also in case the video gets taken down and you missed the most important part :D)

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